The finishing touch was the provision in 1998 of a new stone altar. It was designed by a specialist church artist and sculptor Carmel Cauchi from Nuneaton, who also painted the icon of Our Lady of Sorrows which hangs to the left of the sanctuary. The money for the new altar was raised by donation from the parishioners within four weeks! The names of all the donors, together with their personal dedications, were placed beneath the altar as it was installed.

It is fitting that the end of the building development was the replacement of a wooden altar with a stone one. The historical and liturgical significance of a stone altar of sacrifice replacing a wooden communion table brings us neatly back to the events current at the time Blessed Robert Sutton left St Mary’s.

This view shows the interior of the Church after the most recent building work was completed after the year 2000.  The original wall on the left side was moved outward by several feet to provide more space and a stained glass window was added next to the side chapel.  The blue pillars show where the old wall stood.
This view shows the interior of the Church after the internal walls on the altar were removed, making more space.