Weekend message April 1


Our Lady of Victories

St. Pius X,                                               & St. Alphonsus,

Narborough                                        Lutterworth


Dear friends,


A prayer for Ukraine


Loving God, we pray for the people of Ukraine,

for all those suffering or afraid,

that you will be close to them and protect them.

We pray for world leaders,

for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.

We pray for the world that in this moment of crisis,

we may reach out in solidarity to our brothers and sisters in need.

May we walk in your ways so that peace and justice

become a reality for the people of Ukraine and for all the world. Amen.


Pray for Peace The news from the Ukraine is very bad, and we have no idea how much worse it will get. It is very important that we all pray for peace, pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire the aggressors with thoughts of peace, and above all pray for the people of Ukraine at this devastating time.


The following link is for the Leicester Ukrainian Community website set up to advise how to help:




Bishop Patrick wishes our two parishes to become a single parish:


What does this mean?

  • There would be one parish committee for the whole parish, one parish finance committee, and one bank account for the whole parish.


  • There would still be one parish priest (as at present); both Churches would still be open for worship (just as at present); and baptisms, weddings, First Holy Communion celebrations, and funerals would still take place in both Churches.


  • Many of the activities which take place in each Church would continue to do so – for example, each community would still run its own First Holy Communion programme (and there would still be a celebration of First Holy Communion in both Churches when there were candidates), each Church could organize its way of worshipping as it does at present, and groups of people could still be concerned with ‘local’ Church matters such as social events and activities, local almsgiving, and repair and maintenance of the buildings.




  • When Father Feeley died and I was asked to become parish priest of Our Lady of Victories, Lutterworth, in addition to the parish of St. Pius X, Narborough, many people in both parishes were understandably concerned that there might be a plan to close one of the two Churches. To merge the two parishes into a single parish would be a defence against the possibility in the future of splitting them again, joining each parish to another larger parish (Market Harborough? Hinckley & Earl Shilton? Blessed Sacrament & St. Peter’s, Leicester?) and then perhaps closing one or even both of the Churches. If the two parishes are united formally, then it becomes much more difficult to unite either of them with a larger neighbour and threaten the Church with closure.


  • It will become easier to plan co-operative ventures between the two communities. This already does happen to some extent, but if there is one parish, then any initiative will automatically be offered to all parishioners of the united parish.


  • Sharing resources (including finances) will ensure that they are used for the best for all the parishioners in the entire united parish. At present it could easily happen that needed development in one parish could not take place because of a lack of resources, while the other parish had unused resources.


  • There would be a larger pool of parishioners who could come up with initiatives for the entire parish. At present any initiative raised in one parish then has to be explained to the other parish to see whether they are interested.


  • There would be considerably simpler administration – one set of parish returns each year in January; one set of audited accounts to be submitted in July every year; one set of Gift Aid claims to be made every quarter.




  • There will always be a danger that one Church community will feel ‘undervalued’, particularly if the parish priest lives near the other Church. I have lived in the presbytery in Narborough for the whole time that I have been parish priest in Lutterworth, and while doing so I have tried to show that I treat each parish community equally. But it may not always seem like that to parishioners, who may well feel that I could have done more, or that in some ways I favour the parish where I am living. Please do let me know if you think that I could do more to show that I do not favour either parish over the other.


  • There will always be a danger that one of the two Church communities will have greater needs than the other, but the other have greater resources. While that should not be a problem for much of the time – Christian charity should enable a richer community to benefit a poorer community – it could happen that one community becomes a drain on the resources of the other. It is necessary to ensure that that does not happen.


Please let me know if there are other advantages or disadvantages of merging the two parishes into a single parish


Bishop Patrick’s Plans 26 people attended the meeting in Lutterworth Parish Hall on Tuesday 22nd March. Minutes will be published soon. Among matters which were discussed and decided were these:


  • We need to compile and publish a combined ‘parish handbook’ for our two parishes, detailing who is responsible for the various aspects of parish life;


  • We need to arrange a joint meeting of the two parish finance committees, to review our finances and resources, and to consider the spending priorities over the next five years (this should take place when the accounts for the current financial year, just ending, have been finalized);


  • We need to consider how to form a parish committee covering both parishes.


  • A parish trip will be arranged for members of both parishes this summer. (We would be very welcome to make a trip to Marlow in August – it is on the banks of the Thames,  and if the weather is good I am told a very pleasant setting) Please let me know if you are interested – if so we can make a provisional booking


  • Possible difficulties were raised concerning the idea that telephone contact would be made with those unable to join us at Mass at the present time. Consequently, this idea will have to be delayed for a while until those difficulties can be dealt with.


Stations of the Cross Sundays 4pm (with Benediction) at Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus, Lutterworth; Fridays 7pm at St. Pius X, Narborough


Lenten Studies on Tuesday 5th April at Cosby Community Church at 7.30pm, the theme is “Sacrifice and Hope for Lent”.


The Bishops of England and Wales are encouraging all to return to Church to celebrate Holy Week and Easter.  I know that many are still very wary of attending because of the (very real) fear of contracting disease, and in our parishes we will continue to do everything we can to minimize that risk.

  • All are encouraged to be fully vaccinated (double vaccination and booster).
  • All (except those who are exempt) are still required to wear masks or face coverings, to protect themselves and others.
  • We are now permitted to sing; however, masks or face coverings must be worn during singing.
  • Hand sanitizers must still be used on entry into the Church or hall.
  • The windows must be open for ventilation whenever the Church or hall is being used by a number of people.
  • It is no longer necessary to take the names of all who attend (and advance booking is also not needed).
  • Holy water may be provided at the entrance once again – but needs to be refreshed at least once a week.
  • Anyone who feels unwell or tests positive for covid-19 should not attend Church or any social activity in the parish.

Please think very carefully about whether you should attend Church if you are feeling unwell; and please do not attend if you may be infectious or if you have been in contact with anyone who has had a positive Covid test.

Please let me know if there are other measures which we should adopt, or if any of these measures are unclear.

This Sunday is the Fifth Sunday of Lent (Year C). 

Confessions: I will hear confessions from 9 until 9.30am on Saturdays at St. Pius X, Narborough; and from 4.30pm to 5.00pm on the first Saturday of the month at Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus, Lutterworth. Our young people at Lutterworth will make their First Confessions on Saturday 2nd April at 4.30pm. There will also be confessions at 6.30pm on Tuesday 5th April in the evening; our young people preparing to make their first Holy Communion will make their First Confessions at that time. There will also be confessions in Holy Week: at Narborough at 7pm Monday 11th April, and at Lutterworth at 7pm Tuesday 12th April.


At St. Pius X, Narborough:

Times of Mass this week & next weekend:

  • 10am Saturday 2nd April;
  • 9.30am Sunday 3rd;
  • 10am Monday 4th.
  • 10am Saturday 9th;
  • 9.30am Sunday 10th;
  • 10am Monday 11th.


At Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus, Lutterworth:

Times of Mass this week & next weekend:

  • 5.30pm on Saturday 2nd April;
  • 11am on Sunday 3rd.
  • 10.30am Tuesday 5th;
  • 10.30am Thursday 7th;
  • 5.30pm on Saturday 9th;
  • 11am on Sunday 10th.


At Narborough the intentions for Mass this week will Saturday (2nd April) Intentions of Bill Dunphy; Sunday (3rd) Deceased friends & relations of S Tambipillai; Monday (4th) Intentions & welfare of the Swift family. Wednesday Edwin Wood RIP; Thursday Margaret McEntee RIP. Next weekend Saturday (9th) Sid & Joan Simpkin RIP; Sunday (10th) David Smith RIP; Monday (11th) Father Joseph McGovern RIP.


At Lutterworth the intentions for Mass will be: Saturday (2nd April) People of the Parishes; Sunday (3rd) Margaret Pugh RIP; Tuesday (5th) Holy Souls; Thursday (7th) Holy Souls. Next Saturday (9th) People of the Parishes; Sunday (10th) Canon Owen O’Neill RIP. Tuesday (12th) Holy Souls.


Prayers for the living and the dead:


Please pray for Margaret Pugh ,Ashley Adams, David Sygrove, Noreen Merrion, Marie Almey, and for all who have died recently.


Requiem Mass for David Sygrove will be at 10.30am on Tuesday 19th April at Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus, Lutterworth, followed by burial.


Please also pray for Ann Spurrier, David Janssens, Beulah Blomfield, Diana Coughlin, Tony Thorlby, Hayley & Kaci Dunnill, John Southern, Monica Teeling, Peggy Merrell, Jane Bolsover, Suzanne Foxon, Jim Oxley, John Burns-Sweeney, Tom McDermott, Dave Knapper, Teresa Maugham, Mary Dunne, and Juanita Zaman and for all who are ill.


Please let me know of any others who have died, or anyone who is ill and asks for prayers.


Holy Week and Easter Services at St. Pius X Narborough and Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus Lutterworth


Confessions at Narborough at 7pm Monday 11th April.

Confessions at Lutterworth at 7pm Tuesday 12th April.


Maundy Thursday 14th April

Mass Commemorating the Last Supper

7.00pm concluding with Night Prayer at 8.50pm (Lutterworth)

7.30pm concluding with Night Prayer at 9.20pm (Narborough)


Good Friday 15th April

3.00pm Solemn Commemoration of the Passion and Death of Our Lord

(Narborough and Lutterworth)

7.00pmStations of the Cross (Narborough & Lutterworth)


Holy Saturday 16th April

Easter Vigil

5.30pm (Lutterworth)

8.00pm (Narborough)


Easter Sunday 17th April

Easter Morning Mass

9.30am (Narborough)

10.30am (Lutterworth)


No evening Mass on Easter Sunday


Confirmation: Please will all those who wish to be confirmed collect a book from me to help with preparation.


Scrabble Group: Mondays 2pm – 4 pm for relaxed scrabble. At Lutterworth Catholic Church Hall. No winners, beginners welcome, just fun playing scrabble; cake and hot drink. Please contact Jo 01455 554298.

Evergreens: Bingo on Tuesdays from 1.30 pm until 4pm approx., in St. Pius X  Narborough Parish Hall. Entry £1. All welcome.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday

Parish Priest’s contact details address 52 Leicester Road, Narborough. Leicester. LE19 2DF; telephone (0116) 2863676; email johnhadley1971@gmail.com

Reminders from previous weeks:


With my prayers for your wellbeing and salvation, Father John