Weekend message Nov 19

Dear friends,


Preparing for the Synod: in our Parishes:

As mentioned over the past few weeks, Pope Francis wants all of us to be involved in preparing for the Synod. For the second stage in this preparation, Bishop Patrick asks us all to consider two further questions:

  • Who feels marginalized or separated from our parish community?
  • What two practical steps should we take as a community to reach out to the marginalized and separated people, and listen to them?

Bishop Patrick suggests that we try to think of one immediate step we can take and one longer term step. As with the first set of questions, we are encouraged to attend parish meetings to discuss these questions. As before, I propose that we all reflect on these questions, write down our thoughts, and there will be a box in both Churches to receive them. Also, I suggest that after all the Masses on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December, the parish hall or the Church itself will be available for those who wish to meet and discuss these questions further. I will attend these gatherings, though after Sunday morning Mass in Narborough I will have to leave in time to go to Lutterworth for Mass at 11.

Last weekend more than 40 parishioners stayed after the four weekend Masses to discuss the questions the Bishop had proposed. This was a great response. I have tried to summarise the suggestions made in writing and the discussions which took place. If anyone would like to change what I have written, please let me know.

Synod Preparation Part 1 (Narborough & Lutterworth)

Suggestions for the Universal Church, the Episcopal conference of England and Wales, and the Diocese of Nottingham

Vision: A Church which proclaims the Word of God using all the available communications media.

Action to Take: The Church in England and Wales (and the Universal Church) should put resources into training people with the appropriate knowledge of the Bible and of Church teaching in the methods of communication used nowadays by the young people to the middle-aged.

Then provide these people with the resources they need to communicate effectively with the people of our country – people with any faith or none.

Ensure that resources are earmarked for their continued training so that this expertise is not lost and develops as fast as the media themselves change.

Vision: A Church which responds to the needs of the people in its liturgical celebrations.

Action to Take: Sunday obligation – people should be permitted to attend Mass on any day during the week to fulfil the obligation.

Ensure the continuation of provision of ‘Mass online’ which has been such a benefit for those many people (by no means of all them Catholics) who regularly access such celebrations in their homes.

Reflect on the appropriate ways of forming community in the 21st century, and put them into practice, to develop more effective community formation and support befitting the contemporary scene.

Vision: A priesthood more in tune with the needs of the 21st century.

Action to Take: Remove the vow of celibacy for newly ordained priests (Note that about 10% of active priests in England and Wales are married men – former Anglicans).

Suggestions for the parishes of Narborough & Lutterworth and the Leicester Deanery

Vision: Young people (aged between 5 and 25) regularly attend Church for services and take full part in the liturgical celebrations and in the social aspect of the Church and its outreach.

Actions to Take: Ask parents of families what we need to do to attract young people to Church.

Restart the ‘Children’s Liturgy’.

Contact young people to determine what hymns they would like, and form a music group. Invite young people to a meeting to receive their ideas and determine ways to act on them.

Contact the Catholic secondary schools to determine how they may encourage those of our communities of secondary school age to attend them. Encourage the schools to greater liaison with our local parishes.

Devise some form of continuous instruction for young people, using contemporary communications media.

Involve young people in our social outreach work, such as inviting them to help pack ‘Mary’s Meals’ items.

Contact LACY for some assistance.

Vision: Greater joint activity of members of the two parishes.

Action to Take: Joint projects with Lutterworth parish: providing meals for those in need; offer services to those in need (such as gardening and small repair work).

Develop existing joint social care work of these parishes, such as the Lutterworth Foodbank, Mary’s Meals, Tools With a Mission, etc.

Develop the work of the SVP and outreach groups, and ensure that both parishes are aware of this work – ask for members to speak at Mass one weekend.

Vision: A more vibrant parish community.

Action to Take: Arrange more social activities, and encourage more of the community to take part.

Set up a ‘befriending service’.

Obtain new hymn books, and investigate the possibility of using media to display the words of hymns electronically.

Vision: The Churches should be welcoming communities.

Action to Take: Determine ways in which visitors, enquirers, and others not members of our communities are attracted and feel welcome.

Vision: Greater ecumenical involvement.

Action to Take: Rearrange the times of Mass on Remembrance Sunday so that the community can take part in Remembrance Day services.

Vision: Celebrate our diversity.

Action to Take: Acknowledge and find ways of celebrating – both liturgically and socially – the considerable diversity which exists in our communities (and which is very beneficial).

Vision: More prayerful celebrations of the Mass.

Action to Take: Ensure there is opportunity for silent prayer and reflection before and during Mass.

Rosary before Mass.

Gentle hymn music played before Mass.

This weekend is the Feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. 

Seafarers’ Christmas Shoebox Appeal:  Several shoeboxes, bags of products or knitted hats have already been received – so please help raise a wall of boxes and bring your contribution (boxes or products) anytime now. Can I ask for everything to be in by 5th December please. Leave either at the church or if collection is required contact the office or telephone Trevor on 01162773280.

Anyone who wants a shoebox please let us know, anyone with a spare shoebox please bring and leave at church. Many thanks for the wonderful contributions from the four Parishes now involved.

Items for Sea Farers – Christmas Boxes

Face Flannels          Tissues          Toothpaste                Notepaper                   Toothbrushes            Envelopes     Shampoo                   Pens               Shower Gel  Hats                 After Shave               Woollen Mittens       Shaving Gear           Socks Nivea              Chocolate*    Moisturisers              Nuts*              Lip Salve       Biscuits*

*All foods must have a long use by date

Please include a Christmas card from:

‘Friends at St. Pius X Church Narborough/ Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus, Lutterworth’

Confessions: I will hear confessions from 9 until 9.30am on Saturdays at St. Pius X, Narborough; and from 4.30pm to 5.00pm on the first Saturday of the month at Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus, Lutterworth.

Time of Mass on Sunday at Narborough: Mass on Sunday at St. Pius X will start at 9.30am. Mass on Saturday and on Monday will remain at 10am. This has enabled me to speak to some people after Mass at St. Pius X in the Parish Hall, and still arrive in Lutterworth in time to start Mass approximately on time. I am very grateful to you all for your understanding about the need for an earlier time of Mass at St. Pius X, which I have found very beneficial for my ministry to those attending Mass in both Churches.

For the time being there will be no advance booking for Mass at St. Pius X. Stewards and welcomers will be at the door of the Church as before, and your name will be noted on the list, or else you will be asked to provide your name and a contact. You will also be asked to sanitize your hands on arrival.  If this works well for the next few weeks, it will not be necessary to return to the prior booking arrangement, unless government advice changes again.

At St. Pius X, Narborough:

Times of Mass for next weekend:

  • 10am Saturday 27th November;
  • 9.30am Sunday 28th;
  • 10am Monday 29th.


At Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus, Lutterworth:

Mass will also be celebrated on Thursday morning at 10.30am. We are grateful to Father Maloney for agreeing to celebrate this Mass.

Times of Mass next Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday:

  • 5.30pm on Saturday 27th November;
  • 11am on Sunday 28th;
  • 10.30am Tuesday 30th;
  • 10.30am Thursday 2nd December.


At Narborough the intentions for Mass this week will be Saturday (20th November) All deceased members of our parishes; Sunday (21st) All deceased members of our families and friends; Monday (22nd) Daphne Toogood RIP. Wednesday Patricia Partridge RIP; Thursday Jerry O’Connor RIP. Next weekend Saturday (27th November) Yvonne Newton RIP; Sunday (28th) Christopher Doyle RIP; Monday (29th) Raphael Aspinall.


At Lutterworth the intentions for Mass will be Saturday (20th) 5.30pm All our deceased parishioners; Sunday (21st) All deceased members of our families and friends; Tuesday (23rd) People of the Parishes.  Next Saturday (27th) 5.30pm Holy Souls; Next Sunday (28th) People of the Parishes; Next Tuesday (30th) Holy Souls


Prayers for the living and the dead:


Please pray for Brigid Davies, Vincent Roe, Joseph McGrady, Jacob Crawshaw, Father Hugh Doherty, Father Patrick O’Docherty, and for all who have died recently.


Please also pray for John Southern, Monica Teeling, Peggy Merrell, Jane Bolsover, Suzanne Foxon, Jim Oxley, Beulah Blomfield, Tom McDermott, Dave Knapper, Teresa Maugham, Mary Dunne, and Juanita Zaman and for all who are ill.


Please let me know of any others who have died, or anyone who is ill and asks for prayers.


Remembering those who have died:

During the month of November, it is appropriate to celebrate Mass for those who have died in our communities, and from among our families, friends, and neighbours, during the past two years, and also to pray for all those who have died directly or indirectly from the coronavirus. This weekend, the Feast of Christ the King, I will offer Mass in both parishes for these intentions.

First Holy Communion: Those preparing to make their First Confession and First Holy Communion will meet on Saturday mornings at St. Pius X Parish Hall, and on Sunday mornings at Our Lady of Victories & St. Alphonsus Parish Hall. I am very grateful to those who have already indicated that they wish to be included. Candidates should be in Year 3 at school from September (or older).


Confirmation: Bishop Patrick is willing to start administering the sacrament of Confirmation. I am grateful to those who have already said they wish to be confirmed. Are there any others who would like to join the group? Please let me have any names and contact details. Candidates for Confirmation should be in secondary education (or older) in September this year. I have tried to contact all candidates to arrange for preparation to begin. If you asked to be included in the preparation for Confirmation and have not received an email from me, please let me know.


Social Activities: can resume. However, “It is strongly recommended that a risk assessment for both the activity and the space is completed for the gathering.”

Next weekend is of the First Sunday of Advent (Year C).  

Reminders from previous weeks:


Home Visits, including Holy Communion for housebound people: These are now permitted, but anyone visiting a housebound person (whether to administer Holy Communion or just a visit) should not visit anyone else during the same morning or afternoon. Visits should be short (in order to minimize the likelihood of passing on an infection) and hand sanitization must be used before and after the visit. If you would like a home visit, or know anyone who would like to be visited, please let Father John know.

Financial matters:


Standing Orders: I will provide the parish Bank details to anyone who would like to donate by Standing Order or similar electronic means – many of you already do so (and I am very grateful indeed). I can provide standing order mandates for anyone who wishes – please just ask.


Gift Aid: I have copies of the form to complete, so if you are a taxpayer and would like the tax paid on your contributions to be given to the parish, please ask me for a form.


Recycling Textiles: At the moment the firm are no longer collecting in the Leicester area and has no plans to restart collections here. I hope to have better news soon.


**Important notice concerning car parking**  Please park in the Church car parks whenever possible. If that is not possible, for whatever reason, please ensure that you are not causing an obstruction of the roadway or driveways to properties, and please remember that homeowners may wish to park outside their own homes. Please exercise Christian Charity when parking your car.


With my prayers for your wellbeing and salvation, Father John